Minimum System Requirements

  • PC or Laptop with minimum 4GB RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 or higher (See below re Windows XP)
  • Microsoft® Office 2003 or higher
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher (Express editions supported)

Windows XP Support

  • HISTORION may run on Windows XP however;
  • Microsoft has expired support for Windows XP. Microsoft expires windows XP
  • Installations of HISTORION on Windows XP are therefore unsupported by us
  • You will atleast need to ensure the .NET 3.5 Framework is installed if trying to run HISTORION on Windows XP

Microsoft® SQL Server Requirement

We have elected to use Microsoft SQL Server, instead of any desktop database technology, for storing your radiation dose records. This decision was made, importantly for the security of radiation dose readings data and for performance and load reasons. Some installations will have hundreds of thousands of readings.

Microsoft® provides SQL Server Express as a free download on its web site.

You can download and install Microsoft® SQL Server Express for the purposes of a 30 day trial of the HISTORION software, or use an existing Microsoft® SQL Server installation on your workstation, or on your organization's network. HISTORION is typically installed with its Database Connection Tool that allows for creation of new HISTORION databases and the creation of new connections to existing HISTORION databases that are already hosted in Microsoft® SQL Server that you have installed or to which you have been granted access.

Local PC Admin Rights and Microsoft® SQL Server Login and Admin Rights

  • To install the HISTORION trial you need local admin rights to your workstation
  • To create new HISTORION database connections you need local admin rights
  • To create new HISTORION connections you need an SQL Server Login
  • To add new HISTORION databases you need an SQL Server admin Login

Alternatively IT Support personnel can contact us for SQL database creation scripts if the HISTORION Connection Tool is not to be deployed to your users.